This summarizes the main terms and features of the (T4P) Pension Plan. This is intended to explain the Plan in everyday language; it does not modify or change the meaning of the formal text of the Plan. In the event of disagreement between this booklet and the formal text of the Plan, the formal text will govern. If you wish more information with regard to any items, please contact the Plan Administration office, Prairie Teamsters Administration Services Ltd. A pdf version of the booklet is available by clicking here.

You have the right to examine any of the following documents:

  • all official documents relating to the Plan, including the Plan document, Trust Agreement and Statement of Investment Policy.
  • the most recent Annual Information Return filed with the Superintendent of Pensions.
  • the most recent actuarial Cost Certificate filed with the Superintendent of Pensions.
  • any document concerning the conditions of your employment that contains provisions relating to the Plan.
  • the most recent explanation or summary of the Plan.

These documents are also available to your Spouse or any designated beneficiary or your agent, and will be available for review upon your written request to the Plan’s Administration Office.

The current Trustees of this plan are:

Teamsters Union Local 395
Joshua Cenaiko; Dave Phipps

Teamsters Union Local 362
Bernie Haggarty; Richard Brown;
Chance Hrycun; John Worden;
Michael Dunphy;

Teamsters Union Local 979
Rob Mryglod, Paul Frias


362HWEnrollment Form
362HWChange of Information
DisabilityDirect Deposit
DisabilityEmployer LTD
DisabilityMember LTD
DisabilityPhysician LTD
DisabilityEmployer LTD Statement
DisabilityPhysician LTD Statement
DisabilityMember LTD Statement
Life-&-Accidental-DeathADD Claim Form
Life-&-Accidental-DeathLife Conversion Form
Life-&-Accidental-DeathLife Forms
MBCAmbulance Medical Transfer Claim Form
MBCDental Claim Form.pdf
MBCHealth Spending Account Claim Form
MBCTravel Health Claim Form and Statement of Expenses
PTHWPrairie H&W Enrollment
PTHWPTHW Change of Information
RWDSURWDSU Beneficiay Designation
RWDSURWDSU Pension Change of Information
T4PT4P Application to Re-Commence
T4PT4P Application to Suspend
T4PT4P Beneficiay Designation